Sunday, October 30, 2011

First time for everything

Alright, [knuckles cracking] here we go. Blog one, day one. So I decided to start up a blog for several reasons.
1. I usually think out loud anyway. Those of you that know me (not even know me well) already know this to be true.
2. There's too much life in life not to share it. We are created as communal beings; to share our experiences, dreams, ambitions, fears, and hopes together -- something I don't think we're very good at, even with Facebook and Twitter and such (although I don't really consider those ways to legitimately share yourself, but that's for another time ha)
3. I like to think I have some pretty solid thoughts once in a while, although to quote Easy A, "not all of them are diamonds."
4. I geek out at things I find cool and love showing them to people, so this seems to be a pretty cool avenue for that.
I don't really have a fifth reason off the top of my head, so a little bit more about me that I didn't put in the actual "about me" section: I love music. I make music and I listen to it, even if it's not actually playing nearby. I could go into describing the tried and true cliche reasons why music is important and great, but I don't think I have to. It's good stuff. In fact, I'm learning about it more than ever right now. I normally attend Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa, but this semester I'm at the Contemporary Music Center in Nashville for a semester and it's awesome, to say the very least (like before, more about that later).
I love people in general. I've never actually taken this personality test, but I'm told by some friends that know me well that I'm a "WOO", which basically means that I like you. I'm normally skeptical of those personality tests (you don't KNOW me *ghetto snaps*), but it hit me on the head when it said that a WOO takes 45 minutes on a college campus to get somewhere where it would otherwise take 5 minutes for anyone else because we stop and talk to everyone we see. Yea, about right.
But most of all, I want to live a life that pursues God so fiercely, so truthfully, that it wrecks me to challenge His will. I don't think such an undertaking can be done alone. That's where you come in. Like I've said, I might not even know you, but I don't care about that. He knows you. And if you've read this far, He's already crossed our paths. Whoa. That's my God.